How it Works

There are 44 million people in Kenya, and this number is growing at 2% per annum. 40% of Kenyans are unemployed, while 70% of Kenyans are below 30 years of age. 72% of the population is rural based.

Many Kenyans have excellent skills having undergone training in the numerous universities and polytechnics across Kenya. Employers mainly focus on academic qualifications and not necessarily skills. These corporates employ qualified Degree or MBA holders.

The RedAnt Directory is a service for all Kenyans in the Informal Sector and covers Kenyans of lower academic qualifications but are highly skilled in the Jua Kali Sector. It makes it easy for Kenyans with special skills to access employers by advertising their skills on our website through a simple registration process.

Our aim is to enable ordinary Kenyans to reach potential employers easily without having to travel long distances to get to the city, and thereby revolutionize the way Kenyans at the bottom of the pyramid sell off their skills and items finally bringing together employees and employers and cutting the percentage of unemployment drastically to achieve better social economic status.

Highly qualified service providers

At REDANT we believe in providing quality service.

We therefore only accept and hire the best of the best service providers to fulfill our customers needs.

All the service providers listed on our site are highly qualified.

We value your feedback

At REDANT we believe in providing quality service.

To ensure our customers have the best experience we encourage them to rate our service providers after they have completed a job.

We also encourage our customers to report any issues with a service provider.